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The First Years Portable Peace Travel Sound Machine, Multi Colored

  • Flexible strap hooks to car seat or stroller
  • 12 soothing sounds to choose from
  • Cute, modern design

Little one staying at Grandma's for the night? Whether your baby is sleeping away from home or napping on the go, the Portable Peace Travel Sound Machine provides comforting sounds to lull him to sleep (and stay asleep). Its flexible strap is designed to easily attach to a car seat or stroller for convenience. Select from 12 soothing sounds (because your baby already has an opinion.) and use the volume control to ensure the perfect sleeping environment. It's so soothing, you may want to catch a few winks with her. Mozart melodies 1\. Sonata in F Najor K333, 2nd Movement, Adagio 2\. Ah vous, dirai-je Maman variations K265 (Twinkle Twinkle variations) 3\. Sonata in A Major K331 (theme & variations) 4\. Minuetto in G major KV15C 5\. Tempo Di Minuetto in F major KV1500 6\. Minuetto and Trio, K. 1, in G Soothing Sounds 1\. Kerpump 2\. Gurgaloop 3\. Scuffinkle 4\. Swooshbah 5\. Sloshdaboom 6\. White Noise View Details

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