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Mysterio Predicts Your Baby's Future (T-shirt)

  • 12 possible future predictions - which will you get?
  • Each prediction printed on a 100% cotton lap-shoulder t-shirt
  • Size 0-12 months
  • T-shirt prediction sealed in muslin bag to protect baby's exciting future!
  • Created by the authors of the best-selling Safe Baby Handling Tips

What will the **FUTURE** hold? Why wait to find out!? Let our in-house mentalist, Mysterio, predict what fabulous future awaits your baby! There are 12 possible futures, each on a cute little t-shirt. Each shirt is completely sealed in a handsome muslin bag, to be opened when you are ready to reveal your baby's incredible destiny! Fits 0-12 months. Mysterio is so confident in his abilities that your prediction is **GUARANTEED TO COME TRUE** or your money back!* An amazing baby shower gift and a keepsake parents will treasure as they anxiously await the fulfillment of Mysterio's amazing prediction. Mysterio **JUST ADDED 6 NEW PREDICTIONS** , so your baby may become... **a Time Traveler (NEW!) Ninja (NEW!) Space Cop (NEW!) Juror #6 (NEW!) Falcon Trainer (NEW!) Fashion Icon (NEW!) Paranormal Investigator Lottery Winner VP of Sales Double Agent Roller Coaster Tester Donut Tycoon ** Let Mysterio predict your baby's FUTURE today! * A LOT of restrictions apply. Details inside package. View Details

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